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New Jersey Mayor Defends EDM

A small town on the shores of New Jersey, Wildwood is home to many concerts and festivals, including the BeachGlow: Concerts for Charity festival and Beach Blanket Bingo. In July of 2014, the promoter of Beach Blanket Bingo, Anthony Morrison announced that he was cancelling all remaining EDM events that were scheduled to take place on the beach of Wildwoods due to complaints. Many small business owners objected to the use of profanity and inappropriate behavior that took place at these festivals, as well as the noise issues that were prevalent.

However, in a January 28th commissioner meeting, Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano spoke up and defended EDM, calling the criticism of EDM concerts from small business owners “hypocritical.” The small town of Wildwood not only faces issues from EDM festivals, but business owners also have a tendency of loaning out their homes to high school seniors for a tradition called “senior week.” Speaking towards “senior week,” that takes over Wildwood year in and year out, Mayor Troiano said, “the hypocrisy is to crucify [EDM], yet we have five or six weeks of hell for senior week. We made 40 arrests at one house. People say ‘family, family, family,’ and they let five or six weeks of absolute terror reign in this community because it’s about the money.” When asked the next day what problems were associated with senior week, Troiano continued, “Excessive underage drinking, drugs, fighting, stabbing…stupid stuff."

In his defense of EDM, Troiano also brought up arrest numbers from July 5, 2014 and June 28, 2014, the weekends that BeachGlow and Beach Blanket Bingo took place, respectively. Police officers responded to 19 incidents the weekend of June 28, 2014 and 20 calls the weekend of July 5, 2014, and as Troiano explained, both numbers fall well within the expected number of police incidents for a normal weekend in July.

Though no decision has been made, the comments by Mayor Troiano show a changing perception of the public towards dance music events. As people start to believe that well-run and well-produced events help communities, dance music will only grow and become more popular. 

You can check out the recap video from last year's BeachGlow below and let us know if you think the festival was too inappropriate.

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