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EDM.com Spotlight

Dillon Francis Releases Remix of 'Runaway' By Galantis

Dillon Francis is the king of moombahton.

In the wake of his massive album Money Sucks, Friends Rule and ensuing tour, the talented producer has still found time to create remixes and help satiate his loyal fanbases’ hunger for new music. His latest work is a filthy moombahton remix of Galantis’ hit single “Runaway (U&I),” and the track is now available for streaming and purchase below.

First previewed at HARD’s Day of the Dead by Galantis, Dillon Francis’ highly anticipated remix is the perfect addition to the musical diversity that was provided in his debut album. Dillon takes Galantis’ track “Runaway” - a poppy, melodic, progressive house tune with uplifting vocals and an energetic beat - and turns it into a massive moombahton monster. He reworks Galantis’ track by adding a gritty, filthy bassline and blaring, jumping synths that have characterized Dillon’s moombahton and trap style.

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