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EDM.com Spotlight

DJs For Climate Action Launches New Campaign

The music industry's efforts to alleviate climate change has made great strides in the past decade. Fools Gold signee Sammy Bananas helped instrumentally with his DJs For Climate Action campaign. A campaign in its seventh year, DJ4CA strives to decrease the carbon emissions that come from the frequent traveling of many touring artists. Bananas announced its next campaign will partner with Swiss non-profit organization myclimate, which fund the building of energy efficient technology in countries such as India and Kenya. While the 2014 campaign fund ended on December 31, the effort accumulated $4,080 in the span of 21 days. DJs who contributed to the campaign included A-TrakAnna Lunoe, and Soul Clap.

Watch the trailer for the 2014 campaign below:

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Cover photo credit: DJ4CA

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