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Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Set Their Sights On The Big Screen

Artists like Elvis and David Bowie set the precedent for musicians who crossed over into the movie industry. With the massive growth of EDM, electronic producers are now following in those footsteps. With icons like Calvin Harris popping up in the Entourage movie, it seems as if the sky is the limit for EDM/film crossover. Tomorrowland residents Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike announced their plans to provide music for a secret upcoming Bollywood film with Indian actor Salman Khan. An even larger film industry than Hollywood, the Indian city of cinema produces hundreds of movies. India's growing love for EDM foreshadows the positive reception this collaboration should bring, and Dimitri Vegas & Like May may very well pioneer electronic film scores for international films. 

Read Dimitri Vegas' statement below:

"We are doing little bit (of music) in Bollywood. Thanks to Salman Khan, we are doing behind the scene music. There will be more news on that soon. At this moment, we are talking about it (project with Salman Khan) and we intend to do some more stuff in future." 

Watch the duo's "Bringing Home The Madness" set below:

[H/T: Dancing Astronaut]

Cover photo credit: Rudgr 

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