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EDM.com Spotlight

Crywolf Featured On New Track “Control Myself” From Gazzo & Dani Deahl

Kicking off the new year with a bang, Gazzo and Dani Deahl celebrate with the release of their newest track "Control Myself" featuring Crywolf on the vocals. This dynamic track manages to break the barriers of genre-specific EDM by integrating heavy house beats and hard style sounds with Crywolf's well-known lyrical melodics. Although this song is just being released, its production was a timely endeavor for the trio. Dani Deahl and Gazzo completed the production of the track months ago, but halted the song in search of a strong  top line.

The indie electronic flare that Crywolf brings to all of his tracks, strongly complements the progressive house feel of Gazzo with the bouncier stylings of Dani Deahl. This track exposes each artist’s individual styles and sounds while still maintaining a cohesivity that is necessary in any collaboration.With a house-infused intro, an emotive vocal break, and dirty drops that make you move, "Control Myself" is a great example of the power of collaboration and the versatility of sound.

Written by Madeline Donegan

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