EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

This Effortless Camping Tent Will Make Festivals Much Easier

We all love attending a good music festival, but sometimes the camping aspect of certain festivals prevents us from truly enjoying its fullest potential. If you aren't prepared for the great outdoors, you'll most likely have less fun than the seasoned festival-goers. Luckily Yanko Design understands the struggle, as the company unveiled its revolutionary Camping Doughnut tent. This tent earns its name from its circular design, one of three possible designs for the tent. Yanko Design claims the Camping Doughnut is easier to set up than a regular tent, which seems evident given its intuitive design. The camping doughnut's layout also promotes community-building, a staple of our favorite festivals. 

Check out some pictures of the camping doughnut below: 

Cover photo credit: Yanko Design

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