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EDM.com Spotlight

Hi-Tech Helmet Makes Music From Your Brainwaves

As technology progresses, it has opened up more and more avenues in which to make music. The latest is a hi-tech motorcycle helmet designed by London-based artist Aiste Noreikaite that houses the music of brainwaves.

Inspired by Buddhist meditation practices and an eye towards enhancing her own self-awareness, Noreikaite created this hi-tech “Experience Helmet,” which utilizes electroencephalography, or EEG for short, to translate the user’s neural processes into sound in real time. EEG is the recording of electrical activity along the scalp, and thus, the helmet creates “an audible reflection of one’s personal experience of the present time.” By using a meter programmed to measure attentiveness, the helmet creates higher sounds when the wearer has a clear mind, and faster, more rhythmic sounds when the wearer is focused on something.

While there is no direct application, the ability to channel one’s emotions and turn them directly into sound through brainwaves has the potential to truly revolutionize making music.

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