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New The Prodigy Album To Release March 30, 2015

Before the days of big room house and mega-festivals, electronic music thrived thanks to trendsetters like UnderworldOrbital, and The Prodigy. These groups combined the band format with electronica, creating entirely new genres and paving the way for many artists to come. The Prodigy took elements of rave house, drum & bass, and rock 'n' roll to make innovative tracks, but went on a bit of a hiatus in 2010. After years of teasing, The Prodigy announced on their Facebook that they will officially return with their new album The Day Is My Enemy, which releases March 30, 2015. Their Facebook also urges fans to check back at their website on January 9 for more information. 

The Day Is My Enemy marks the group's first full-length effort since Invaders Must Die in 2009. The album boasts 12 new tracks, including a Flux Pavilion collaboration and the upcoming lead single "Nasty." Feed Me debuted a Spor remix of "Nasty" a few days before this reveal, hinting at an impending announcement. The band has yet to release their version of "Nasty," but speculation points to the single releasing on the Facebook post's mention of January 9. To accompany the album, the group will launch a worldwide tour, headlining such festivals as Isle of Wight in England. American tour dates have yet to be announced. Look over the tracklist below:

1. The Day is My Enemy
2. Nasty 
3. Rebel Radio
4. Ibiza feat. Sleaford Mods
5. Destroy
6. Wild Frontier
7. Rok-Weiler
8. Beyond the Deathray
9. Rhythm Bomb feat. Flux Pavilion
10. Roadblox
11. Get Your Fight On
12. Medicine
13. Invisible Sun
14. Wall Of Death

View the The Day Is My Enemy trailer below:

Cover photo credit: The Prodigy

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