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EDM.com Spotlight

Tomorrowland Posts Trailer For 2015 Gathering

To celebrate the new year, Tomorrowland posted a short but sweet trailer to drum up excitement for this year's coming festival. Quick snapshots of Tomorrowland's epic production juxtaposes well with the serene soundtrack courtesy of London Grammar's hit track "Hey Now," reminding us to look forward to the coming year. With the tagline "Unite Forever," it's hard not to get excited for 2015 and for Tomorrowland, Tomorrowland Brasil, and TomorrowWorld

Tomorrowland Brasil is sold out, but Tomorrowland pre-registration info releases January 9 and TomorrowWorld tickets are currently on sale at TomorrowWorld's website. Tomorrowland Brasil occurs on May 1-3, Tomorrowland occurs on July 24-26, and TomorrowWorld occurs on September 25-27. 

Watch the Tomorrowland 2015 trailer below:

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