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Steve Aoki Ends a Cake-Throwing Era with 'Cakeface'

Steve Aoki took to Twitter to announce that he will no longer throw cake at shows, and released a track called “Cakeface” as consolation.

In an image macro tweeted by Steve Aoki, the world-famous progressive house DJ/producer announced that he will no longer lob cakes at audience members during festival performances.

"To start the New Year I’m making some new changes and have decided I'll no longer be caking fans at most festivals. There might be an exception here or there but for the most part I'll be saving the CAKE for my headline shows, keeping it exclusive for the die hard fans.  So if you want to get caked, come to one of my headline shows like the Neon Future Experience that is happening across the USA and Canada in Feb/March, or at my upcoming Manchester and London shows, or in Vegas and Ibiza. And to show my love to all the fans around the world that love the cake I wrote a song especially for YOU, properly titled CAKEFACE! It's up now and free to download at soundcloud.com/steveaoki. Love you to infinity and back. Now let's go forward into the neon future!!" - Steve Aoki

For the past several years of Aoki’s performances, even wheelchair-bound attendees haven’t been exempt from caking - a stage gimmick that’s drawn new fans as well as criticism. In a piece he wrote for The Daily Beast back in August, the artist went as far as to defend his cake throwing, speculating, “I still can’t help but ask myself…should I stop caking people? Will that stop the haters from hating? Stop giving the trolls more content to target me with? I even ask myself, are the cakes and the rafts taking away from the art of my culture, DJing?”

Whether his New Years resolution stemmed from outside criticisms or was simply a personal decision, the big room house track he released on his SoundCloud will not long fill the void left by his caking’s absence.


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