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EDM.com Spotlight

Bobby Puma's 'Manifesto' Escapes All Genre Confinements

Bobby Puma challenges the idea of genre limitations with his latest track "Manifesto." Released on Doorn Records, Puma's latest tune touches on a variety of sounds that come together to create something that is unique in flavor. Luring in listeners with a dark bassline, the track is releasing into a massive break and drop that do not allow the song to cement itself in any one musical style. It acts as one-half of the New Years EP by Doorn Records, also featuring the track 'Empires,' a project between Dutch acts Magnificence and Jaz von D. The collaboration resulted in a tune laced with mesmerizing chords and a straight-up progressive fit.

Any artistic style devoid of genre reinstates the fact that good art, or in this case, music, is good music. The genre is irrelevant. The boundaries and confinements of musical categories should not confine creativity.

Bobby Puma’s attitude towards being grouped with any particular segment of the dance music industry shines through with “Manifesto.”



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