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SoundCloud Discusses Copyright Infringement Safeguards For Producers

SoundCloud’s stance on copyright has remained the same since its inception, but the platform wants to make sure users know how it upholds its policies.

SoundCloud's Chief Technology Officer Eric Wahlforss released a statement titled “Soundcloud and Copyright: an Overview” which explains the industry-leading streaming service’s stance on copyright laws and sheds light on how their copyright protection measures are about to change. Much of the statement simply reiterates the principles that SoundCloud periodically clarifies to its users, but Wahlforss emphasizes the measures by which its policies are enforced.

Automated content identification on SoundCloud isn’t new,” he points out. “We implemented it back in 2010. Here’s how it works: when you upload a track, our system checks your upload against a database of tracks that copyright owners have asked us to block.”

He goes on to address claims that SoundCloud has become more strict in its measures to prevent copyright infringement. “If it seems like there’s been an increase in takedowns over the years, it’s because the amount of content and number of creators on SoundCloud have been growing, not because we’ve chosen, or been forced, to do things differently,” he says. “We haven’t.”

You can read Wahlforss’ full statement here.

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