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EDM.com Spotlight

Tomorrowland Turns the Legal Tables on Disney

The legal landscape of the U.S. electronic dance music market grew abundant with high-profile lawsuits last year, and the new year’s kicking off with dilemmas extending overseas.

Tomorrowland promoter ID&T may prevent Disney from releasing a film of the festival’s namesake in the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium as the former holds trademark rights to the name in those countries. The tense relations between the two companies date back to 2013 when Disney forced ID&T to rebrand the U.S. version of its festival as Tomorrowworld because of a previous trademark of the name 'tomorrowland' in the US - making the recent development an ironic turn of events.

Rebranding is a costly and inconvenient exercise, and there may be a commercial resolution to this conflict whereby both parties agree to co-exist with each other,” trademark attorney Sharon Daboul told the Belfast Telegraph. “Is there room for a Tomorrowland Disney film and a Tomorrowland music festival to exist together in the same market? This is a question for the parties to consider.” Considering that Disney already barred ID&T from carrying the Tomorrowworld brand over to the U.S., such a compromise is unlikely.

Disney has also carried on a notorious legal battle with progressive house icon Deadmau5 regarding trademark rights for the Mau5head, giving them a touch-and-go relationship with the EDM industry. The movie, Tomorrowland: A World Beyond, is slated to hit theaters in the U.S. and abroad on May 22nd. 

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