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EDM.com Spotlight

Wolfgang Gartner to School Fans with 'School Supplies' Playlist Series

Whether old school or new school, every shade of EDM fan across the spectrum generally agrees that Wolfgang Gartner has respectable musical taste.

Los Angeles-based electro house DJ/producer Wolfgang Gartner just kicked off School Supplies, a monthly playlist series on both Spotify and SoundCloud that showcases new releases that he deems worthy of the kind of exposure his personal endorsement carries. Gartner intends to release each playlist on both platforms the first Thursday of each month - the exception being this debut edition, which went up on the second Thursday.

This is kinda like a combination of what I would play at a normal show or a festival, and a bit of what I would play at a more chilled out pool party during the day or something on that tip as well,” he stated in a post on his Facebook page. “Either way, wherever you are, these are all definitely tracks you should know about.” 

The series will also serve as a vehicle to promote Gartner’s own music; the first playlist kicks off with his funky electro house track “Unholy,” which premiered on the EDM.com SoundCloud two months ago and featured soulful vocals by Bobby Saint. The remaining tracks feature a talent pool diverse enough to contain Axwell Λ Ingrosso as well as Nom De Strip. Gartner will also begin a national tour beginning with Blur Nightclub in Scottsdale, Arizona on January 22nd.



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