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Dillon Francis Talks Future Album Collabs, Mad Decent, and ‘Money Sucks, Friends Rule’

As the end of Dillon FrancisMoney Sucks, Friends Rule tour nears, Fist In The Air was able to talk to him about his first studio album, working with Mad Decent and Columbia Records, and even some revealing news regarding his next album. Francis was one of the most impactful artists in 2014 due to various festival performances, the release of the MSFR album and ensuing North American tour, as well as his hilarious Instagram personalities. The multi-genre'd producer also announced he was filming an MTV pilot in early January 2015.

With only one stop left in New York City for a three-night conclusion of his MSFR tour, Francis spoke out about the backlash of the album. Francis noted that his original sound always carried a poppy vibe, and he purposely put out a diverse album with both pop and moombahton influences. Although he received less negative feedback than expected, Francis says that the album does include four moombahton tracks including “I Can’t Take It.”

In light of the MSFR album, Francis revealed some potential collaborations for his next album. He mentions, "…I’m going deep back into my indie background, like I really want to work with The Radio Dept. I think their vocals are so cool and indie and they would work really well in like a very “We Are Impossible” style song except more airy…” On top of this, he notes his love for diverse vocalists such as Ben Gibbard from Death Cab For Cutie, James Mercer of The Shins, and Fritz and The Tantrums. On the subject of those bashing his signings with Mad Decent and Columbia Records, he explains, “As you can see, I’ve been doing whatever the f*ck I want to do and I’ve been doing that ever since I first started working with Diplo. And he’s always encouraged that. He’ll give advice but that’s on you to take it or not. So, I love working with Mad Decent and that’s why they’re still a part of my deal with Columbia.” 

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