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Aphex Twin Announces Details Of New EP

Aphex Twin is notorious for his unorthodox promotional schemes, whether they be in the form of a cryptic tracklisting or a blimp with his distinctive emblem. While the influence of the experimental producer extends much further than the world of EDM, his mysterious absence and return to production has dance music culture in a full-fledged frenzy.

Only four short months after the release of his album Syro, the artist revealed a tracklist and artwork for his upcoming EP, Computer Controlled Instuments Pt2. The record will include the 13 new productions listed below: 

1. "diskhat ALL prepared1mixed"
2. "13"
3. "snar2( WAP375CD )"
4. "diskhat1"
5. "piano un1 arpej"
– – – – – – – – – -
7. "hat 2b 2012b"
08. "disk aud1_12"
09. "0035 1-Audio"
– – – -
10. "disk prep calrec2 barn dance ( s l o )"
– – – – – – – – – -
12. "diskhat2"
13. "piano un10 it happened"
14. "hat5c 0001 rec-4"

Featuring the hallmarks of a classic Aphex Twin album, Syro is a genre-blending masterpiece with atmospheric progressions and a consumer-be-damned presentation format. If Computer Controlled Instruments Pt2 measures up similarly, the return of the early dance music pioneer could lead to interesting collaborations and other influences on EDM. The official release date is set for January 23. 

Written by John Cameron.

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