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Armin van Buuren Is The Most Dangerous Celebrity Name To Search Online

Somebody better call Kenny Loggins, because Dutch Trance producer Armin van Buuren is on the highway to the danger zone. A recent study has revealed that Buuren is the most dangerous celebrity on earth, or at least on the internet, as nearly one in five search results linked to his name are tainted with malicious sites.

Intel Security composes a list each year of the most dangerous celebrity names to Google, doing their part to ensure that internet users stay safe on the net. Stacey Conner, an online safety expert for the company, explained in a comment the ways internet users put themselves at risks when searching celebrity names.

Celebrity names combined with the terms ‘free MP4, ‘HD downloads,’ or ‘torrent’ are some of the most searched terms on the Web. When consumers search for music that is not made available through legitimate channels, they put both their digital lives and devices at risk.

Other celebs who made the list include Jimmy Kimmel, Luke Bryan, Usher, Britney Spears, Betty White and Lorde.

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