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EDM.com Spotlight

This Wearable Subwoofer Allows You To Rave Anywhere [VIDEO]

Prepare yourselves bass heads, for the greatest musical innovation of our time. Thanks to a blog post from Ill.Gates, it has come to our attention that a company called bassAware is in the process of rolling out an awesome wearable subwoofer called Drop. The device is strapped onto the user and creates powerful sub pulses that can be felt throughout the body.

The device is currently seeking funding via a crowd supply campaign and is described by its creators as follows:

"The device uses a tactile transducer placed on your upper back - this is a special type of audio driver creating vibration rather than sound. These sensations travel through your body to the inner ear where your nervous system translates these felt vibrations into 'heard' sounds. The result is an immersive bass experience that no one but you can hear or feel."

Bass fans on the go will no longer be forced to sacrifice their low end love to tinny sounding ear buds, as the bassAware Drop lets you bring the bass everywhere you go. You can head here to support the crowd sourcing campaign for bassAware's Drop.

Check out the video below to see this crazy device in action...

[H/T: IllCommunication]

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