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Rebel Radio Ep. 16: Ookay - Being In The Moment

The Power of Taking Action, A Rebel's Story

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Time for some action.

That’s the word that comes to mind when I think about Ookay: action.

Feels a little like dude came out of nowhere to build a fan base that hangs on his every photo and enjoys his antics like taking his dad to Winter Music Conference. You may or may not love his music (it’s noisy and feels very “of the moment” in both good and bad ways), but you definitely get the sense that he’s having fun doing his thing.

He’s also managed to attract the attention of some major players in the game, like Steve Aoki and Borgore, and seems to be playing bigger and bigger stages.

How does he do it? Our interview sheds some light on being in the moment and totally transparent with fans, as well as the determination that had him driving to LA from San Diego on a weekly basis to hang out with the Dim Mak crowd just to get his foot in the door.

Instead of wishing he could get put on, he took action. Instead of hoping fans would notice, he took action.

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Holler at you next week.

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