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Watch Shaq's First Major Festival Set At TomorrowWorld [VIDEO]

Ever since it was announced that Shaq would be dropping his own DJ set at TomorrowWorld, the EDM community has been divided. Many drew parallels between Shaq's desire to become a DJ to other celebrity DJs like Paris Hilton, while others were able to embrace Shaq for his genuine appeal.

With only one track, an exclusive mix, and a hilarious video featuring The Chainsmokers to go off, the EDM community didn't quite know what to expect from Shaq's dance alter ego DJ Diesel. Now that the first videos of his DJ set at TomorrowWorld have hit the internet, DJ Diesel's judgement is finally upon us.

DJ Diesel's set was filled with trap, hip hop and even some Dubstep, but the crowd seems largely unresponsive to his musical curation. Shaq makes himself no stranger to the mic, frequently taking the opportunity to let his burly voice echo through the loud speakers.

Watching Shaq's spinning skills play out from the video alone, he seems to be doing a proficient enough job.

Check out the videos below and decided for yourself...

[H/T: 939TheBeat]

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