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EDM.com Spotlight

Visual Artist Roboto Teams Up With Skrillex For Animated Short Film

California-based artist, Roboto, known for working with such names as Zedd, has created an animated short film masterpiece titled "Josho," teaming up with none other than Skrillex for the soundtrack. Josho creates a surreal universe with futuristic characters, psychedelic visuals, badass fight sequences and a love and war storyline that's just as moving as Skrillex's music. The short film is set to Skrillex's "Ease My Mind" off his debut studio album Recess (2014).

In a comment, Roboto explains the influences behind the animated short, revealing that the film was designed as a tribute to some of the most innovative anime artists of the last 30 years.

"To all those Evangelions, Akiras, Mononokes and anime fans in general. This is a respect piece that compiles numerous references to works that are important to me as an Artist and have shaped in many ways my view on creating visual content."

Watch the short film below...

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