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EDM.com Spotlight

Diplo Talks Favorite House Producers & The Dangers Of Discriminating Against Music

Diplo was the Guest Selecta on Anna Lunoe's Beats 1 radio show last night, and a snippet of their conversation is available for listening. Lunoe is an internationally recognized vocalist, songwriter, producer and DJ hailing from Sydney, Australia who has been channeling her "underground club killer" talents and experience performing on some of the world's biggest festival stages towards DJing her own Beats 1 radio show on Apple Music.

In the soundbite, Anna Lunoe asks Diplo about the house producers he's currently gravitating towards. The conversation then moves into a small discussion about the dangers of resisting change and discriminating against certain types of music.

Listen to the snippet below to hear Diplo share his favorite house producers at the moment as well as his analogy about music, change and the importance of having an open mind.

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