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Police Authorities Are Preparing Extra For This Halloween EDM Fest

As HARD's two-day Halloween festival Day of the Dead approaches, authorities in Los Angeles county are gearing up to ensure the safety of all festival-goers in order to prevent a repeat of this year's HARD Summer, which resulted in two deaths. HARD had previously agreed to cap attendance at the festival to just 40,000 and set the age limit at 21.

Councilwoman Cristina Carrizosa responded to questions in a recent report saying there will be DUI check points on the night of the festival and members of the CHP DUI task force will also be present to deter drunk drivers.

This week, emails will be sent to ticket holders for the two day festival, and Chief Paul Capraro explained in a comment what the email will entail.

Don’t come to the event high. Don’t expect to buy drugs at the event. If you come to the event with drugs you will be arrested.

The county authorities will be doing whatever they can to ensure the festival is a safe experience for everyone. Carrizosa explained their ultimate goal in an additional comment.

It’s very important to protect the citizens.

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