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Kill The Noise Talks Working With Dillon Francis, Shares Crazy Sampling Stories

Kill The Noise, real name Jake Stanczak, hailed from Rochester, New York before he made it big as an EDM producer. Drawn to neighboring Toronto's Drum and Bass scene, Stanczak started attending live shows as soon as he was old enough to get in, serving as his introduction to the world of dance music. He just released his debut album Occult Classic, a record two years in the making that required a six month break from touring to complete. In a recent interview with Billboard, Stanczak discusses the making of his new album, from getting samples cleared to working with Dillon Francis.

Stanczak talks about striking a balance between creating music for people in clubs and trying to maintain a sense of creative progression.

"You end up in this loop where you’re playing shows and making tunes to play in your show and there isn’t really a lot of room for you to create cool mutations to your sound that could potentially take you somewhere else exciting. "

He goes on to describe the process of getting a sample from Emotions cleared for use in "Lose Ya Love".

"…it was so hard getting this thing cleared… In the end we paid probably more money than we would’ve liked to clear it. There’s something about that point in time when that recording was made -- the way they mic’d the drums, the way they mic’d the vocalists. Sometimes the artistic call outweighs the business side."

Dillon Francis appears on the album, collaborating on one of its lighter, novelty moments, "Dolphin on Wheels." Stanczak states that he enjoys working with Francis because he doesn't take things too seriously and is willing to make it about having fun.

"He’s a guy I like working with -- one of a few guys that when you get in the studio, there are no rules."

Lastly, he describes how the album's closing track "All In My Head" reflects on the state of his own creativity, serving as a pep talk.

It gets tough when you’re trying to explore and grow and learn new stuff… sometimes it get pretty confusing and lonely…. At the end of the day, a lot of what’s holding you back is yourself -- just worrying about what other people think.

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