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EDM.com Spotlight

Check Out This Week's Angelic 808s Feat. Giraffage, Viceroy & More

As electronic music’s popularity continues to reach new heights, there’s a growing desire for something new. Fans and artists alike are constantly hungering for whatever comes next in the trap scene, and the "future" has answered.

A new wave of euphoric and encapsulating music has caught fire, and the boundaries of its 808-laden sound have yet to slow it down. Here are 10 tracks that are riding their way into our playlists as the most Angelic 808s of the week:

10. TWiNSCALE – "There She Goes"

TWiNSCALE are making themselves known, and they’re doing it with style. “There She Goes” is a groovy future track that will have you cuttin’ shapes in no time. The song’s impressive vocal chopping and diverse sampling make this one a keeper. TWiNSCALE may be an unfamiliar name, but the fresh approach this production duo brings is more than welcome.

9. CRTMUSIC – "Pulse"

It’s time to slow down for a minute and feel the “Pulse.” The latest by Curtis Lee aka CRTMUSIC is the chillest of chill, yet conveys significant emotion. It kicks off with mellow xylophone before opening into clean, minimal trap. “Pulse” is no frills and all refinement.

8. Grant Bowtie – "High Tide"

Grant Bowtie has got this one all wrapped up and ready for your listening pleasure. Technically released via Monstercat a couple of months ago, the song is still making the rounds and impressing every ear it reaches. “High Tide” builds calmly before breaking shore and drowning you in alluring harmonica synths.

7. Moonbeat – "BEDTIME"

Who would have thought a song called “BEDTIME” could make you feel so alive? Moonbeat’s most recent effort begins with a distant, dreamy melody that comes back louder and oozing with 808 goodness. The track grants you a breather before letting the melody fall into the background behind a growling, grimy conclusion.

6. Scout – "Midnight Donuts"

Now this is a message we can all relate to. Who hasn’t craved those “Midnight Donuts?” The title of Scout’s latest work may not take itself too seriously, but the production is no joke. Sparing use of vocal chops, guitar, and all ranges of musical influence are the cement that holds this song together. It’s a funky, sassy tune that pulls no punches and keeps you guessing the whole way through.

5. Kagwe – "Gradually"

This is new age done right, folks. Kagwe brings his A game with this experimental tune, set to flowing hip hop and a wet beat. “Gradually” is off-kilter from its inception but manages to keep it smooth. The track keeps you on your toes and pulls tonal influences from all over the place. Whatchu know ‘bout that sonar trap?

4. Mr FijiWiji – "Yours Truly (feat. Danyka Nadeau) (JIKES Remix)"

Some songs are destined to be remixed, and “Yours Truly” falls into this category with ease. Mr FijiWiji’s original is a relaxed garage tune supported by catchy vocals. The song got royal treatment in the form of a remix EP released on Monstercat, and the JIKES rendition is a standout that truly brings new energy to the track from beginning to end.

3. Giraffage & Viceroy – "Impression Of You (feat. Patrick Baker) (Electric Mantis Remix)"

Walking the line between melodic and dirty, Electric Mantis’s take on Giraffage and Viceroy’s recent collaboration certainly leaves an impression. The track’s simplistic drums and calculated synth work is an absolutely joyful ride supported by the soothing voice of Patrick Baker. “Impression Of You” is an attention-grabber that highlights the character of Electric Mantis’s body of work.

2. Wave Racer – "Flash Drive (feat. Baby)"

Wave Racer’s breakout a few years ago solidified him as a tastemaker. His intensely upbeat melodies have influenced some of the future sounds we’re hearing today, and his newest release fits right into his library. “Flash Drive” installs into your brain and uploads images of frolicking animals in the woods on a sunshine-y day. It’s the title track of his upcoming EP, due out in about a week.

1. Kasbo – "Not Over"

The grey area between genres can be a beautiful place. “Not Over” is a future beat that wobbles. It’s reminiscent of old school dubstep with a twist of elegance and soul. The song is part of Kasbo’s new Umbrella Club EP. It’s absolutely stellar, and it also happens to be a free download. (You’re welcome.)

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