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Student Tragically Dies At Packed Skrillex Show In Delhi

We are sad to report that a 23-year-old woman passed away at the Skrillex concert at the HUDA Grounds in Delhi on Sunday, the final show of Skrillex's first-ever India tour. Police have released a statement explaining that her death was most likely due to cardiac arrest induced by the dangerously overcrowded venue.

The 23-year-old design student, Aanchal Arora, died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital after experiencing issues breathing. Her friend, Aashima, is still in critical condition, according to NDTV.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, the Assistant Commissioner of Police (DLF), Ramesh Pal, commented on the conditions at the concert as well as when Arora was last seen before being rushed to the hospital.

"While seeking [a notice of complaint] for the event, the organizers had said they expected a crowd of about 5,000 but nearly 10,000 people turned up for the concert. The venue was congested... Arora had no disease or illness. She was last seen dancing. We have asked the team to get CCTV and video recording from the venue to ensure that there was no foul play. The body was handed over to the family on Monday after a post-mortem examination. The family has refused to pursue the case."

Reports have been inaccurately naming the production company Scoop Brand Holdings Pvt. Ltd. for having been responsible for the deficient health and safety measures, but a statement was released confirming the company was not involved in the event.

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