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EDM.com Spotlight

GoPro Is Rewarding $5 Million For Your Dope Videos [WATCH]

Listen up GoPro fans, here's your chance to get paid for your awesome self-made videos. The famous video camera company launched the GoPro Awards today, a campaign that has allotted $5 million in reward money to be given to the best videos uploaded using the company's distinctive camera line.

Amateurs and professionals alike can submit their videos to the GoPro Awards for the chance to win major cash prizes. GoPro laid out several genre options that filmmakers can use, including Action, adventure and music. Film your passions!

In a comment, GoPro's CEO And founder Nicholas Woodman said "Our customers are some of the most creative people on the planet."

Check out the video below to learn more...

[H/T: GoPro]

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