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EDM.com Spotlight

Check Out This Week's Bounciest Basslines With SNBRN, DANK & More

House music is currently experiencing a new era in sound, and if there's one trend we can follow in this sonically-diverse scene, it's the rise of the "bounce-filled bassline." Whether it's in the form of future house, bass house, tech house, g-house or something entirely unprecedented, there will always be a bassline thats bounce-worthy. Here's 10 of the bounciest basslines on the web this week:

10. Nick Talos - "Destination"

Nick Talos really went to a "higher place" with his latest track "Destination". The vocal hook is incredibly soulful, the piano melody is euphoric and rhythmic, and the ensuing bass line ties its high and lows together perfectly with its deep and entrancing melody.

9. Thomas Hayden & Kroos - "PUMP! (Kacper Kawala Remix)"

Like a bat out of hell, Kacper Kawala flips Thomas Hayden & Kroos' original track "PUMP!" right on its head with a menacing new remix. Just when we thought the original was as hard as it gets, Kacper Kawala takes it up a notch and delivers a firestorm of bass from beginning to end.

8. Fontaine Ivory - "California Dreamin (feat. Chelsea Perkins)"

Tropical vibes, soothing vocals, and a crazy-groovy bass line? What else would this track need to be a chart-topper? Fontaine Ivory is on the rise, and it'll be in your best interest to keep an eye on him as he continues to release tracks that make you "feel."

7. ZHU - "Faded (SNBRN & Klatch Remix)"

Considering how massive ZHU's original was, it's clear that producers might've felt "intimidated" to put their own creative spin on the track - but not SNBRN & Klatch. These two producers have made a niche for themselves in the deep and tropical house movements with their sensational remixes and edits, and their take on "Faded" gives it a "second wind" worth dancing to all night long.

6. Felix - "Reaching For The Top"

Retro house piano melodies and soulful lyrics create the perfect introduction to Felix's bouncy new original "Reaching For The Top". All proceeds from the release will go directly to the David Lynch Foundation, which aids traumatic stress for soldiers and children in urban areas. Donate to the cause here.

5. Mystery Skulls - "Magic ft. Nile Rodgers & Brandy (Latroit Remix)"

Anything Nile Rodgers touches is "magic", especially his work on Magic Skulls' new release "Magic" with Brandy. Latroit's remix adds a funky house rhythm that drives the original right into overdrive with its jump-worthy build and bass line.

4. Dank - "Feel Like Freakin"

Future house is crushing the charts right now, and DANK has capitalized on this growing trend by introducing his dark yet exciting blend of future house and progressive sounds with "Feel Like Freaking". Released in his Future Touch EP, you can purchase the EP in full here.

3. Drunk Girl & Drivvin - "What Goes Around"

Good luck keeping this tune out of your head! Drunk Girl & Drivvin (what a name right?) have come together to release this insanely catchy future house original, and we just can't get enough of its summery vibes and feel good bass lines.

2. WHTKD - "Need You"

WHTKD is not the most recognizable name as far as deep house artists go, but that isn't to say that his sound doesn't rival the top dogs in EDM today. Rock your head and shuffle your feet to the irresistable sounds of "Need You" and keep an eye out for WHTKD.

1. Fractal System & Tough Art - "Collors"

Hailing all the way from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Fractal System and Tough Art sure know how to make a dancefloor heater. "Collors" is a vibrant deep house and G-House influenced single that dons a creepy, broken-piano like synth that is hauntingly catchy and bouncy in every way possible.

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