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EDM.com Spotlight

This Interactive Music Player Is Combining Audio And Visual [VIDEO]

Tech-driven music company MethLab and creator of the ‘Memory Of A Broken Dimension’ video game XRA have teamed up to develop a groundbreaking player for music discovery and immersive, interactive audio experiences. The player combines XRA's intoxicating technical and visual design with the forward-thinking music of the MethLab roster.

The sounds are provided by a special collaborative series between MethLab and Bad Taste Recordings, home to renowned drum and bass group Bad Company. Replete with glitched-out imagery, the innovative player features top-notch music from Aethek, Allied, Audeka, Billain, Broken Note, Disprove, MachineCode, Signal, Signs, Silent Witness, Rawtekk and Rob Clouth // Vaetxh.

This new player was designed to revolutionize label exploration through virtual, interactive environments. PC Users can head here to download, and Mac Users can get MethLab here

NOTE: Mac users will experience the unidentified developer message, but we can ensure it's trustworthy. To get around it, simply open whilst holding the ctrl key.

Check out the video to see the player in action as well as the first track from the MethLab release on Bad Taste Recordings below...

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