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Martin Garrix Reveals News About Upcoming Music In ADE Interview [VIDEO]

Martin Garrix sat down with fellow producer and buddy Julian Jordan for a casual, friendly Q&A with Facebook at Amsterdam Dance Event. The two artists talk about how they met, working on music, and Garrix then ends the conversation by dropping some major news.

Garrix recounts a humorous encounter along a tour stop where he realized just how much of a juggernaut his breakthrough track "Animals" was.

"I was doing a show in...India, and there was this old guy, who had one of those prehistoric phones and his ringtone was "Animals". And I was like "Oh my god! How Crazy is it that i'm at the other side of the world and I still hear the song." And that totally blew my mind."

The young Dutch producer also discussed the future of his music and trying to grow as an artist.

"This year I tried to reinvent myself. I tried to go more melodic. I released "Forbidden Voices" this year, and that's one of the songs where I'm really proud. It's not just a banger, it's a story that can make you feel some type of way. That's what I want to do with my songs, so I'm in the studio a lot right now."

Lastly, Garrix ends the interview with a "shameless plug," revealing that fans can be expecting a lot of freebies in the future now that he has officially split with his former label Spinnin' Records.

"And guys, since I've recently broke up with my label, I'm gonna try to give more songs away for free. I just finished one which I'm gonna play this week, it's gonna be my intro, and you'll probably have it on the internet for free very soon, so stay tuned for that."

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