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EDM.com Spotlight

Listen To SNBRN's New Single 'Beat The Sunrise'

Los Angeles-based producer SNBRN released a new track this week called "Beat The Sunrise," co-created with singer songwriter Andrew Watt, who's a former member of California Breed.

In a quote, Watt described how SNBRN transformed the song into a full blown EDM production.

"When I wrote this song it was very much a simple acoustic Tom Petty-ish tune with a little twang. SNBRN was able to take it and transform it into something truly original and forward sounding... I love where it ended up."

"Beat The Sunrise" features pristine vocals from Watt, uplifting chords progressions and driving house rhythms. SNBRN blends the instrumental elements seamlessly with the electronic backing music, injecting tropical vibes into the drops over groovy bass stabs.

Listen to "Beat The Sunrise" below, and then snag your own copy of SNBRN's new track here.

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