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Steve Aoki Reveals Upcoming House Tracks In New Interview

Steve Aoki has announced that he will be releasing a collection of four house tracks early next year, taking a break from the mainstream EDM sound that has characterized recent output. Aoki crafted the new tracks during his stay in Ibiza, where he was playing to crowds more accustomed to house and techno.

Talking with DJ Mag, Aoki explained his reasoning behind the switch to a full on house sound, citing a desire to change up his creative output.

"With house, it's a different kind of energy.You're not going full force, you have a really great groove that you can stay in; that can keep you in the same place and it's continuous, it lasts longer and it's a different kind of flow. It's nice to change it up. You're not speeding down the freeway the whole time."

There's no set release date at this point, but we'll keep you posted when the new music is out. In the meantime, you can stream Aoki's Neon Future Odyssey below...

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