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EDM.com Spotlight

Kygo Releases New Studio Piano Jam

Tropical house pioneer Kygo dropped a new Piano Jam this week, the third in a series of instrumental studio sketches that see the Norwegian producer taking to the keys to flesh out new melodies and chord progressions. Kygo is a trained pianist with years of experience under his belt, and it's great to get the chance to hear more stripped down music from him.

The third piano jam from Kygo is a very downtempo exercise in somber melody, accompanied by light touches of synthesized atmosphere. Kygo's catchy emotive chord progressions are on full display with moving swells of deep tones and flutters of the high keys, which serve as a stand in for the tropical flute sound that shows up in most of his more produced work. The piano jams have served as an intersting insight into how Kygo crafts his popular songs and are great for easy listening as well.

Listen to "Piano Jam 3" below...

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