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This Is The Test You Have To Pass To Become A Google Playlist Maker

In order to differentiate themselves from their rivals in the ever-competitive word of music streaming, Google has implemented a unique human curated playlist system, offering users of Google Play Music an exhaustive collection of thousands of different playlists hand assembled by regular music nerds. But Google has established a strange gate keeper to ensure that only the best get a shot at creating playlists for the streaming service.

In a quote, Peter Asbil, who's been charged with the task of ensuring playlist quality control, revealed how they select their musical curators.

"We make curators take the Susan Boyle test. We ask these people – and remember, these are music geeks, they’re really seriously into music – to please put together a playlist that features Susan Boyle, that you think a Susan Boyle fan would love. If they can’t do that …"

He further explains that the Susan Boyle test ensures that the playlist makers have an open mind towards all different types of music.

"If they can’t understand Susan Boyle, why she appeals to people and what they’re interested in, they’re not going to be a successful curator for us."

If you don't know who Susan Boyle is, she was a contestant on Britains Got Talent in 2009 who shocked the judges with her unexpected musical performance. You can watch it below...

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