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EDM.com Spotlight

This Unique Cover Combines Dubstep, AC/DC & Bag Pipes [VIDEO]

What do AC/DC, Dubstep and bag pipes have in common? Most of the time nothing, but thanks to The Snake Charmer that's all about to change. In This inventive cover/remix, bagpipe player The Snake Charmer teamed up with music arranger Karan Katiyar and producer Paras Khanna to take on AC/DC's classic rock hit "Thunderstruck," giving it a Dubstep overhaul with an Eastern twist.

The remix opens with the famous guitar lick, transposed onto the distinctive Scottish wind instrument. Half time dubstep beats kick in after a short intro, joined by growling dubstep basses and spiraling arpeggios from the bag pipes. She ends the song with an ever-increasing tempo, taking the cover into drum and bass territory for the finale.

These three artists deserve serious props just for attempting to mix such disparate elements together, but the fact that they pull it all together with such success is a testament to their forward-thinking musicality.

Check out the video below...

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