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EDM.com Spotlight

TomorrowWorld Begins The Ticket Refund Process

After the heavily publicized unfortunate turn of events at TomorrowWorld as weather issues led to non-campers being blocked from entry into the festival for its final day, many of those with a sour taste in their mouth from the event were left wondering how TomorrowWorld would make restitution. In their official statement following the event, TomorrowWorld revealed their refund policy, promising to return the ticket cost for Sunday to those who were unable to re-enter.

Below are the Sunday tickets that the festival announced it would be refunding automatically, including shipping and all fees.

Sunday Single Day Pass
Sunday Single Day Comfort (VIP) Pass
Sunday 1-day Comfort (VIP) Upgrade
Sunday Parking Pass
Sunday Shuttle Pass
Sunday Locker Pass
Sunday TomorrowWorld Restaurant Voucher
1/3 of a Full Madness Pass (without DreamVille)
1/3 of a Full Madness Pass Comfort (VIP) Pass (without DreamVille)
1/3 of 3-day Full Madness Comfort (VIP) Upgrade
2/3 of 3-day On site Parking Pass (Saturday and Sunday)
1/3 of 3-day Shuttle Pass
1/3 of 3-day Locker Pass
Select Uber/Taxi Rides (Questions? Click HERE)
Saturday Parking Passes

1/2 of Saturday Shuttle PassesFans should direct any questions about Sunday ticket refunds to tomorrowworld@paylogic.com. To submit a refund form for Saturday parking or shuttle services, head here.

YourEDM shared a screenshot of one person who received a refund in the amount of the total cost of their 3-day ticket rather than just 1/3 of their Full Madness Pass. It's unclear at this point why this customer received a full refund, and TomorrowWorld hasn't released a statement about any changes to the aforementioned refund policy.

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