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Watch Skrillex Hit The Studio With New Zealand Rapper PNC [VIDEO]

Rapper Sam Hansen, known as PNC, rose from the hip hop ranks in his home country of New Zealand by collaborating with such artists as Breaking Wreckwordz, Scribe and Dawn Raid. After years of cultivating an underground claim to fame, the hip hop artist is taking a leap towards international recognition by hitting the studio with none other than Skrillex.

PNC took to Facebook to document a studio session with Skrillex, brielfy describing the experience and even providing a 42-second clip of their collaborative work.

While we wait to hear what will come of this studio session, check out the video clip PNC captured below. To hear PNC's most recent work, listen to his recent single "Mrs Wallace" with Fire & Ice and featuring Rokske below...

[H/T Stuff.co.nz]

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