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DVBBS Recounts The Time Their Tour Manager Hid Weed Up His Ass [VIDEO]

Canadian EDM duo DVBBS recently got together with College Weekly Live for a hilarious interview. College Weekly Live is a Youtube series that describes itself as "a mobile late night talk show currently touring college campuses across America." In the interview, the DVBBS guys reveal an interesting experience they had in South Africa, involving a bag of weed and their tour manager's prison pocket.

The interviewer asks the duo about their use of marijuana, and Chris Chronicles tells the story about the time their tour manager saved their asses... by using his own ass to hide the contraband plant.

"We were going to play Ultra South Africa and we were rolling up to the venue and there's a big line of people attending the festival trying to get in. I'd gotten arrested like two weeks before this and I had weed in my pocket 'cuz everyone's like "Don't worry, it's South Africa, it's really chill." So I gave the weed to my tour manager, rolled up, cop started flipping out. He stuck his head in and smelled weed and the cops start searching his bag. As he's searching the bag, I see my tour manager take the weed from his pocket and shove it straight in his ass."

Naturally, the interviewer asks the only logical follow up question to such a story, questioning the two DJ's if they wound up smoking the bag of ass hash.

"We did. It was like in three bags so I felt comfortable. It was the only weed we had!"

Watch the full interview below. The interview begins at 8:01, and the keister stash story starts at 9:50...

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