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EDM.com Spotlight

Seven Lions Breaks Genre Boundaries In Latest Single 'Cusp (Who's Afraid of 138)'

Seven Lions took to Facebook today to announce the release of a new track, titled "Cusp (Who's Afraid of 138)," seemingly a reference to the tracks frantic tempo. In the post, the producer explained the background behind the song, stating that it's a blend of various influences.

Released through Armin's label imprint Armada Music, "Cusp" opens with a rapid-fire psytrance kick, as ethereal bell melodies set the mood. Trance gated female vocals give the track a trippy vibe, before the song dives into the first drop.

Seven Lions rounds the new track out with a short, half-tempo trap drop just before its conclusion. The track never loses a beat, while pulling off the difficult task of blending elements of psytrance, progressive house and even trap.

Listen to "Cusp (Who's Afraid of 138)" below, and then head here to purchase Seven Lions' latest offering.

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