William Black - Letting Go ft. Park Avenue

William Black

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Life Is But A Dream

Betty Moon

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Mr. ColliPark, Atom Pushers & DJ Wavy Release 'Booty Bounce Pop' Featuring Ying Yang Twins

Hip hop legend Mr. ColliPark is back, and he brought friends.

Aiming to shine a light on the Atlanta electronic music scene, the Grammy-nominated producer has teamed up with rising stars Atom Pushers and DJ Wavy for the certified twerk anthem "Booty Bounce Pop".

Enrolling the help of longtime collaborators the Ying Yang Twins, this infectiously catchy trap original is sure to have dance floors, festival crowds, and booties bouncing alike.

Crank up the speakers and prepare to get trill, because "Booty Bounce Pop" is out now. Grab it on iTunes or Beatport and check out the stream below.

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