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EDM.com Spotlight

The Story of Dance Music's Most Famous Meme [WATCH]

When director Matthias Fritsche made an experimental video in 2000 called Kneecam No.1 that went viral... the world was introduced to the Technoviking. The video became an instant meme, and a hero was born. The shirtless, ripped techno-dancer became a rave guardian, standing for all that is right when it comes to raving.

Tens of millions of documented clicks later, the director is telling the whole story of how his video gave rise to an internet sensation that also shed light on the elusiveness of intellectual property and rights.

Find out how and why he made the video and what happened when it resulted in a meme phenomenon and a sticky conflict of fundamental rights. Check out Fritsche's The Story Of Technoviking: A Crowdfunded Monumentary Film below...

[H/T Thump]

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