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EDM.com Spotlight

Cashmere Cat Releases Cover Of Hudson Mohawke's 'Forever 1'

Cashmere Cat recently dropped a new cover of Hudson Mohawke's "Forever 1" to his Soundcloud profile. In the description on the new track, Cashmere Cat explains "Heres a cover version I did of Hudson Mohawkes 'forever 1'. I've been opening my sets with it for a year and a few people have been asking for it, so I'm very happy to share it with you today."

Cashmere Cat's cover of "Forever 1" is a stripped back, almost ambient rendition of the original track, featuring minimalist instrumentation and a sparse production. Opening with a gentle piano part, Cashmere Cat blends in atmospheric synths, bell sounds and serene synth melodies. He drops the vocals from the original song, focusing heavily on mood and crafting a soft, beautiful new version of Hudson Mohawke's track.

Listen to Cashmere Cat's "Forever 1" cover below...

[H/T: DancingAstronaut]

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