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EDM.com Spotlight

Pierce Fulton Releases Remix Of EDEN's 'Nocturne'

Brooklyn-based Pierce Fulton dropped a new remix this week, delivering a new take on Dublin producer EDEN's "Nocturne" that is available on Soundcloud for streaming, as well as for free download. Fulton turns the downtempo original into an infectious, cheerful remix with poppy vocal hooks and a driving percussion track.

Fulton's new remix is characterized by its upbeat, summery vibes with sunny melodies and organic instrumentation. EDEN's vocals from the original version remain placed in the forefront of the track's elements, with gentle acoustic guitar strums and danceable grooves.

Aside from the beats, Fulton's remix has a very instrumental sound, refraining from the use of overtly electronic elements in favor of a stripped down, human-feeling production. The rhythms are catchy and up tempo, broken up by percussion free, vocal-centric passages.

Listen to the remix, and then watch Fulton play his guitar parts for the remix in the video below...

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