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EDM.com Spotlight

Listen To Snails' Latest Vomitstep Track 'Frogbass'

Snails just dropped another filthy dubstep banger this week, making his new track "Frogbass" available for Streaming on Soundcloud. True to its name, the new track features croaky, talking basslines consistent with the vomit bass style he's made his name off of.

"Frogbass" opens with a stripped back reggae influenced intro, as two-step beats set the pace alongside syncopated rhythmic stabs and deep, blaring horns. The drops features Snails' signature brand of dubstep grime, with basses designed to imitate the natural croaking of frogs.

The rising producer keeps the drops simple, sticking to the croaking, gurgling sound for the bass, where many of his contemporaries would have overloaded the drop with a barrage of different sounds. This approach gives the track's unique sound design elements room to shine, helping to set Snails' production apart.

Listen to "Frogbass" below, and purchase the track here.

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