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Listen To Oliver Heldens & Tiesto's Full Collaboration 'Wombass'

After it was announced that Future house sensation Oliver Heldens and legendary producer Tiësto were teaming up on a new collab, anticipations ran high within the EDM community as we awaited the fruits of their labor. The new track has finally arrived in the form of "Wombass", which sounds like a portmanteau of "wombat" and "bass".

"Wombass" features prominent basslines, delivered in the bouncy, rhythmic fashion Heldens is known for, supported by a pounding house beat. Heldens signatures are all over the track, and "Wombass" is sure to keep fans shuffling on the dancefloor, though it's harder to pinpoint Tiësto's contributions to the finished product.

After a lengthy passage of future house basslines and skittering hi-hats, "Wombass" breaks down into an unexpected section of orchestral strings, before one last go around with the final drop.

The new track is due out November 9 on Musical Freedom. Give it a listen below...

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