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Blasterjaxx's Idir Makes Important Announcement To Fans

Idir, one half of the successful EDM duo Blasterjaxx, took to Facebook today to make an important announcement to his fans regarding the role he'll be playing in the group moving forward. In a lengthy post, Idir explains that starting in late Novemeber, he will be retiring as a touring member of Blasterjaxx, citing health reasons.

In an attempt to offer his fans full disclosure on the bittersweet news, Idir goes to great lengths to explain his reasoning for the decision to call it quits as a touring DJ, stating that he simply isn't built for life on the road and revealing that he developed panic attacks as a result of stress related to constant travel. He further explains that he will still remain active in producing for Blasterjaxx from his home studio, and that he and Thom will still be working together remotely.

While it's unfortunate that Idir is unable to continue with touring, he's doing what's best for his health and his honesty regarding the matter has been appreciated by the fans.

Read the full statement from Blasterjaxx below...

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