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Dirtyphonics Drop 'Hoverboard' Remix Inspired By Back To The Future

To coincide with Back To The Future day yesterday, drum and bass duo Dirtyphonics dropped a new track "Hoverboard", which they've generously offered up for free download. On the Soundcloud post, Dirtyphonics explained their reasoning for creating the track.

"Being huge fans of Back To The Future, we wrote this song back in 2005, in the very early days of our career. 10 years later, as a tribute to our fans and obviously to the movie, we decided to give it a more current sound and release it on the official “Back To The Future” day, the day Marty Mcfly traveled to the future - Oct 21st 2015."

On "Hoverboard", Dirtyphonics subvert the theme from the original film into a beast of a DnB banger, filled with breakneck drums, nostalgia filled melodies transposed on blistering synths, and distorted basslines. It's the perfect tribute to a beloved classic film that sounds remarkably fresh considering its a decade old.

Head here to grab the free download.

Listen to "Hoverboard" below:

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