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EDM.com Spotlight

Brillz Drops New 'Geekin' EP Featuring Ghastly, Laxx & More

Just weeks ahead of the start of his Twonk Di Nation tour, Brillz dropped his new four-track EP Geekin today. Featuring highly anticipated collabs with the likes of Ghastly and Laxx, Geekin delivers the heat with its relentless barrage of high octane trap.

Brillz and Ghastly team up on "Hawt", a track that sees the two producers adopting the 'it' sound of the moment with intense, wobbly bass house and spastic, stuttering vocal samples. "WTPA" features the characteristic siren synths over booming Trap 808 kicks common to the genre, with the whining synth leads spiraling ever higher and exploding into periodic vocal led sections with Ms. Williams. The title track features aggressive raps from Que, steady backing of turned-up bass and an incessant groove.

Overall the new EP is an expertly produced collection of festival ready trap anthems that is bound to have your subwoofer wheezing by the end of the night.

Grab the new EP here, and listen to Geekin below.

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