EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Gorgon City Breaks Down Their Live Set Up [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

An EDM.com correspondent got together with Gorgon City for a periscope video that sees the duo preparing their live set up for a performance later that night. In the video, they talk us through their unique performance system, explaining why it gives them the edge on DJs as they push the envelope for live electronic music.

Gorgon City takes a unique approach to touring, ditching the DJ gear for MIDI controllers, keyboards and electronic drums. This allows them to truly perform their music in a way largely ignored within the EDM scene.

Surrounded by a rack of different brightly-lit, futuristic-looking gear, the duo shape their sound in real time. They even have an imitation Roland 303 that they bring along to recreate the squelchy basses of acid house.

The boys dive deep into explaining their set up, making for a highly interesting behind the scenes glimpse.

Check out the full periscope video below...

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