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Marshmello Releases New Track 'Keep It Mello' For Free

EDM mystery man marshmello dropped a new track this week titled "KeEP IT MeLLo", teaming up with Mexican-Canadian rapper Omar Linx which is available for streaming and free download.

"Keep It Mello" opens with a synthesized harpsichord sound repeating a chord progression, as a tweaked vocal lead plays a happy melody. Omar Link's rapping drops in after the intro, as pounding hip hop drums typical of marshmello's style keep the beat. The choruses are amped up, but as the title suggests, they have a laid-back, mellow vibe.

Marshmello's still one of the biggest unsolved EDM mysteries, and "Keep it Mello" further establishes the signature sound he's forged for himself.

Listen to "KeEp IT MeLLo" below, and grab the free download here.

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